Innovating Social Impact with GIIN and IRIS+


LEAP Consulting is excited to announce a new partnership with the Global Impact Investing Network. In the next few months we’ll be working with a GIIN taskforce to update and create new social impact metrics for their new project, IRIS+.

A part of this work will be incorporating public feedback into new core metric sets that will be used by global investors to create a comprehensive portfolio of their social and environmental interests. Metric sets are used to systematically target and track investments across industries and sectors, providing a powerful way to measure and understand impact

Each core metric set will include indicators across the 5 dimensions of impact: What, Who, How Much, Contribution, and Risk of the impact. These collect information about the outcomes targets, the extent of the outcome, and any unintended outcomes set in their local context. 

Metric sets also align with the United Nations 17 Sustainable Development Goals to allow investors to create targeted social impact portfolios.

Data that are systematically collected and in alignment with other change efforts are crucial to communicating and understanding performance through common language and enables future benchmarking.

LEAP is looking forward to a collaboration with GIIN, sharing our expertise and learning more about the social impact world. 

What experiences and knowledge do you have in social impact measurement?

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